Upcoming Seminars @Electrical Training

HEALTH CARE FACILITIES- 2 Wednesdays (1/23 and 1/30) 6-9 PM
-This presentation will establish a thorough understanding of the technical and Code requirements contained in NEC Article 517. Introductory information is provided about the basic requirements and structure of the NFPA 99, Standard for Health Care Facilities and the history of how Article 517 evolved in the NEC. Tuition $300

… SOARES GROUNDING AND BONDING- 2 Thursdays (1/24 and 1/31) 6-9 PM
– This seminar is a must for those who wish to keep informed and increase their understanding and expertise in grounding and bonding of electrical systems on Grounding. The cost of this seminar includes a copy of Soares Grounding and Bonding 2008 book. Tuition $300.

-Efiling allows registrants to process select permits on-line instantly, saving time and money. The Con Edison Blue Book provides instructions and specifications detailing proper installation of required equiptment. The cost of this seminar includes a copy of a binded Efiling, Con Edison guide. Tuition $300.

ANALYSIS OF 2008 ELECTRICAL CODE CHANGES (Based on NYC 2011) – 2 Thursdays (2/21 and 2/28 OR 3/21 and 3/28) 6-9 PM
This extensive seminar analyzes the major changes to the 2008 NEC. The cost of this seminar includes a copy of the 2008 IAEI Analysis of Changes book. Tuition $300.

1&2 FAMILY DWELLING- 2 Thursdays (3/7 and 3/14) 6-9 PM
This comprehnsive seminar explains installation, design and inspection of electrical systems in new and exciting one- and two-family dwellings in clear, consise language, with numerous pictures and graphics which covers more than 400 of the most signifigant changes. Cost of this seminar includes a copy of 1&2 Family Dwelling Electrical Systems book. Tuition $300.
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About Electrical Training NY

The Electrical Training School is one of the oldest electrical training schools in New York City
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